School Overview

Thunder Valley K-8 opened our doors in 2013. Prior to 2013, our school was previously called Frederick Elementary. With the addition of the new Frederick High School, the district was able to renovate the old building and create a middle school area to add to the existing elementary school. 

Thunder Valley K-8 has approximately 500 students kindergarten through fifth grade and an additional 350 in the middle school grades. Our students come to us from Dacono, Frederick, and parts of Firestone.


Thunder Valley K-8 ensures the highest academic achievement for all through:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Strength of Character
  • Community Partnerships


Thunder Valley provides each student with diverse learning experiences that focus on curiosity, creativity, and confidence to find their individual strengths and passionsThe highest academic achievement for all.

Core Values

We have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for academics and character:

  • We challenge ourselves and each other to live up to high expectations for our school, our classrooms, and our individual achievements. We help each other persevere and act with integrity so that we can all become more than we ever thought possible. 

We believe in EQUITY

  • Every person in our school community is respected, valued, and supported. We craft our inclusive community through reflection on our own and others’ experiences, perspectives, and identities in order to better understand the impacts of the systems we design and to create an environment in which everyone belongs. 


  • Through respectful and strong relationships built on trust, we can hold each other to a higher standard, advance equity in our systems and programs, care for each other to promote belonging, and challenge each other to advance our growth. 

Thunder Valley K-8 Administration Team

Thunder Valley K8