Student Dress Code

As school resumes we want to remind all students and parents of our Student Dress Code (as stated in our Student Handbook):


Basic guidelines for appropriate school apparel include:

  • All clothing must cover the traditionally private parts of the body including the mid-section. All shirts must cover the chest and cover the shoulder.  

  • Straps of any kind must be covered.

  • Shorts and skirts should not be too short.

  • If leggings are chosen as a fashion accessory, they are expected to be worn under other items or covered appropriately (long tops, shirts, tunics.)

  • Pants must be secure and not sagging to expose the undergarments or private areas.

  • Hats and hoods are not to be worn in the building at any time.

  • Graphic Apparel is expected to be appropriate and not reference inappropriate behavior, action or substance use of any kind.

Non-compliance with the dress code will be addressed by staff or referred to a school administrator. Our first efforts will always be to help students understand what constitutes appropriate dress and to help them locate acceptable clothing. They may be asked to call home for more appropriate clothing or issued alternative clothing for check out. If a student repeatedly violates the dress code there will be additional disciplinary consequences.