Right Hand Raptors

Thunder Valley K8 will be implementing a student technology support group called the Right-Hand Raptors. These students will attend special technology training throughout the school year during their morning academic intervention or electives throughout the year in order to help their classmates and teachers integrate and use 21st century skills and technology. Mrs. LeAnne Kelly, M.Ed., will be facilitating the trainings and monitoring students during the times in which they are assigned to their duties. These students will help with anything from iPads to MacMinis, troubleshooting to designing projects. With three hard-wired MacMini labs, two MacBook carts, 80 elementary iPad mini’s, hundreds of middle school iPads, a Chrome Cart and various other projectors, doc cameras, and digital cameras this newly formed technology group will play a vital role in helping all of this technology be successful.

This group will operate based on communication, collaboration, and support and will learn skills such as: Google Drive, creating screencast tutorials, setting up different devices, troubleshooting, and a wide variety of other student and teacher requests. All of these skills will be life-long skills that students will be able to take with them and apply in any career that they may choose in their future.

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