Mission & Vision


Thunder Valley K-8 ensures the highest academic achievement for all through:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Strength of Character
  • Community Partnerships


The highest academic achievement for all.


Academic excellence leads to increased student achievement through:

  • Extending multiple opportunities to offer a variety of core classes, electives, advanced and intervention classes
  • Providing learning environments and excellent teaching to support high levels of student engagement in which students take ownership of their learning, goal setting and progress towards proficiency
  • Learning across grade levels to meet individual student needs
  • Providing connections between elementary and middle school learning with fewer transitions
  • Ensuring rigorous and relevant instruction that prepares students for high school success
  • Integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction into core and elective classes, stimulating higher-level thinking and hands-on learning
  • Academic teacher collaboration and articulation within and across grade levels

Strength of character leads to increased student achievement through:

  • Empowerment of students through leadership development
  • Mentoring and positive role models between grade level students
  • Respectful and respected students and staff
  • Safe and positive environments, where systemic and systematic behavior expectations and interventions are in place
  • Providing students with sense of purpose, confidence and self-worth
  • Pride in school by both students and staff

Community partnerships lead to increased student achievement through:

  • Community mentorships and student support
  • Volunteer systems that provide opportunities for a variety of adult involvement
  • Parent and family events that support all students and families
  • After-school programs, activities and clubs
  • Parent and family engagement and communication
  • Thematic learning throughout the building; which involves families, cross-grade level mentoring and community resources
  • Long-term relationships with students and their families which provides consistency and increased family involvement through the middle school years